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Our Clients


"We’ve had great success with Green Apple. It is a huge lift up for our cash flow. We’ve used it for a wide variety of needs without spending actual cash. Green Apple partners have provided us with furniture and equipment for our hotel, restaurant certificates for use by our hotel guests, and one-time services such as deep cleaning and janitorial services. We have also used Green Apple for recurring service providers, including carpet cleaning, pest control and landscaping. If you jump into the network, you’ll find Green Apple to be an indispensable tool in improving cash flow and preserving cash for things like payroll, utilities and your own pocketbook."

John E. Graf President & CEO of Priory Hospitality Group

"I’ve utilized Green Apple trade dollars for numerous business expenses. In our lobby alone, we were able to attain new carpeting, painting, signage and my broker even put me in touch with a carpenter who build a custom reception area! We also purchased office furniture and a large amount of electrical contracting. The best part was I earned Green Apple credit from my broker driving new business to me that I probably would never have gotten otherwise."

Ken Shriber Principal of Ditto Document Solutions

"Green Apple has literally sent hundreds upon hundreds of new customers to the Carlton Restaurant…We have had great success in using the Green Apple credit to purchase tile & marble, carpet cleaning, wine glasses & china, painting, hood cleaning, some advertising and a multitude of other products & services… The Green Apple credit is a fantastic way to minimize costs I was formerly spending cash on. Wine glasses are a great example of a product my manager was purchasing from another vendor. Green Apple put me in touch with a local distributor who ended up supplying us with the exact same glasses. The only difference being the form of payment. Hood cleaning is another ongoing service I spend my Green Apple credits on…I consider Green Apple to be a tremendous business partner and a relationship we hope to keep for a long time."

Kevin Joyce Proprietor of Carlton Restaurant

"Working with Green Apple, for us, makes a lot of sense because here we can supply our product to Green Apple in exchange for something that we need like tents or snowmobiles. So I’d encourage any business to give Green Apple a call, or visit their website and see what Green Apple can do for them."

Anna Weltz Communications Manager for Seven Springs

"5 years ago, I could’ve never guessed how helpful Green Apple would be to my business. They have literally sent hundreds of new customers to my theaters. I can’t count how many times they’ve found exactly what I was looking for and kept cash in my pocket. I’ve used Green Apple dollars to purchase everything from flooring, billboard advertising, hood cleaning, printing, HVAC units and much more! I’m glad I signed up back then, and I’d recommend their services to anyone who owns their own business."

Blake Fleegle Owner of Fleegle Cinemas

Non-Profit Partners

Green Apple works closely with many non-profits and charities to raise trade credits for things they need. Many of our clients choose to support these non-profits by donating trade credits to them or purchasing sponsorships for non-profits’ events on trade. Here are some of the non-profits we work with: