Gift Card Program

What is it?

We have created a Gift Card Program that allows our clients to purchase gift cards from Green Apple that are useful at multiple locations within our network. This is a reloadable, plastic giftcard which electronically transfers Green Apple dollars from the cardholder’s card to your account.

How do you acquire cards?

Clients may acquire these cards by placing an order with their broker and receiving them by mail or by stopping by our Office and picking up the cards there. The cards can be loaded with any amount ranging from $25 to $500 per card. In order to purchase, clients must be current in cash fees and positive in trade.

How does my business participate?

Green Apple is offering one Giftcard Terminal to each participating Green Apple Account. This machine, as well as the processing, is provided free of charge. Once you have the terminal you may begin accepting the Green Apple Giftcard. A Green Apple employee will install the machine and provide training for usage. Please speak with Dana, who can be reached by phone at 412-821-2900 or by email at , to schedule an appointment.

How does the terminal work?

The terminal requires a 3-prong outlet for power as well as either a non-rolling phone line or an empty port in an internet router. Questions on whether or not your business has the required hardware for the terminal may be directed to Dana.

Why should I participate in this program?

The advantage to having one of these terminals is that it eliminates the need to fill out trade drafts and call in transactions for trade redemptions. The money comes off of the card and is processed and placed into your Green Apple account within about 48 business hours.
In addition, many cardholders will not be direct clients of Green Apple (they may be employees, friends or family members). If the total amount of money on their gift card is less than the entire purchase amount, you must collect the remaining balance in cash, credit, or debit. In this sense the program will be bringing new cash transactions to your location

What if I have more questions?

Please call the Green Apple office at 412-821-2900 and speak with Dana