Green Apple CardGift Card

Upon opening your Green Apple Trade Account you will be issued a participant card. This card shows your account number, company name and the cardholder’s name and can be presented as a form of payment upon completion of services or upon purchase of goods in conjunction with the Green Apple Trade Draft. Participant Card holders are typically business owners, operators and managers who have total spending authority on the account.


Your participant card will be used to purchase anything in our barter network. A list of participating restaurants can be found on our Restaurants & Retailers page. This card is not valid for tax or gratuity. Please call your broker at 412-821-2900 to find out about all of our participating locations!


The Green Apple Giftcard is a re-loadable, swipeable card which may be loaded with anywhere from $50-$500 trade dollars. Anyone with a Green Apple Participant card has the ability to purchase a Giftcard. Your trade account will be charged at the time your giftcards are ordered. The giftcard allows employees, friends and family members access to a predetermined amount of credit from your trade account so that you, the business owner, are in control of the spending limit.


Giftcards are great for use as employee incentives, rewards, gifts and more! The list of participating locations where these Giftcards may be redeemed can be found on our Restaurant and Retailers page. The Green Apple Giftcard is not valid for tax or gratuity. This list is subject to change, please check with your broker at 412-821-2900 for details.

Interested in participating in our Green Apple Gift Card Program? Click here to learn more