Someone in Green Apple just asked me for cash – What’s the deal?


Occasionally businesses will ask you for cash in addition to trade credits to cover large material costs.  This must be approved by a broker, and is unacceptable for unapproved transactions.


Any other questions you may have can be answered by one of our Brokers.  Give us a call at (412) 821-2900

How much will it cost to participate in the Green Apple Barter Network?

We work primarily on a commission basis. A 6% cash fee is charged to your account with each purchase and sale you make. There is a one time start-up fee of $400 (half cash-half trade) and a nominal monthly service charge of $40 (half cash-half trade).

You may buy before you sell!

Green Apple extends a line of credit based on the products and services offered for trade. Products and services in demand will receive a high line of credit. Those where the demand is not great will receive a lower credit limit. Accounts accessing their line of credit are assessed an interest charge payable in trade dollars of .5% per month.

What about taxes?

Taxing authorities consider a barter or trade transaction to be a taxable event. Trading offers no tax advantages or disadvantages. It is treated as a cash sale or purchase. Sales tax must be paid in cash. Green Apple reports all trade sales to the IRS on Form 1099B. Bartering is not a way to avoid tax obligations.

Why isn’t there a list of everyone in your network on your website?

The list is always changing.

Green Apple is the most dynamic Barter Network in the country, and we are constantly signing up new accounts!  Companies in the network trade within their comfort level, so they may not be open at all times for jobs of any scale.  Working through your (and their) broker is key, and remember, a good trade benefits everyone.

How do I know what is available? How do I make a purchase or a sale?

Call your trade broker! 412-821-2900

He/She will guide you through your transactions.  In most cases you will negotiate directly with the buyer or seller, deciding prices, shipping, etc.  Remember: Green Apple is a third party record keeper.