Kevin Joyce, Proprietor of The Carlton Restaurant

The Green Apple credit is a fantastic way to minimize costs I was formerly spending cash on.”
How long has the Carlton Restaurant been accepting the Green Apple card?
Since 1995
Over the years, how many new business owners has Green Apple sent into your restaurant?
Green Apple has literally sent hundreds upon hundreds of new customers to the Carlton Restaurant.

What are some typical costs you have offset by making purchases on trade?
We have had great success in using the Green Apple credit to purchase tile & marble, carpet cleaning, wine glasses & china, painting, hood cleaning, some advertising and a multitude of other products & services.

You helped organize the campaign to Fight the Allegheny County Drink tax. How did Green Apple assist in this campaign?
I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Green Apple over the years, particularly with Mike Krane and Dave Juliano. Mike Krane (Green Apple’s president) realized how detrimental this tax could be to the restaurant industry and immediately stepped up to inquire how Green Apple could help. Green Apple’s relationships with local restaurants proved invaluable to this campaign gaining steam.
How strong do you consider the buying power of the Green Apple card to be ?
The Green Apple credit is a fantastic way to minimize costs I was formerly spending cash on. Wine glasses are a great example of a product my manager was purchasing from another vendor. Green Apple put me in touch with a local distributor who ended up supplying us with the exact same glasses. The only difference being the form of payment. Hood cleaning is another ongoing service I spend my Green Apple credits on.

Would you recommend other restaurants get involved with Green Apple ?
Absolutely, in this industry you find good relationships and you learn to stick with them. I consider Green Apple to be a tremendous business partner and a relationship we hope to keep for a long time.