Ken Shriber, Principal of Ditto Document Solutions

“Originally I got involved in Green Apple to satisfy a payment owed to me from a client. Now I utilize Green Apple dollars to offset major business expenses!”

How did Ditto Document originally become a participant in the Green Apple network?
We had a client who owed us payment for services we provided. They paid us in Green Apple trade dollars to satisfy the debt.

How did the relationship progress from there?
Admittedly, we were slow to get started with Green Apple. I didn’t fully understand the benefits of the network. My broker got involved and really began to show me the value of business owners participating in Green Apple. They began referring new business to me & I began you using Green Apple dollars to offset different expenses.

Can you tell me a little about the expenses you were able to offset ?
I’ve utilized Green Apple trade dollars for numerous business expenses. In our lobby alone, we were able to attain new carpeting, painting, signage and my broker even put me in touch with a carpenter who built a custom reception area! We also purchasedoffice furniture and a large amount of electrical contracting. The best part was I earned Green Apple credit from my broker driving new business to me that I probably would have never gotten otherwise.  I entertain a lot of clients, another expense I use my Green Apple card for is dining at the numerous restaurants who accept the Green Apple card. I also purchase event tickets for clients via Green Apple.

Are there any interesting projects on the horizon for Ditto?
We have major expansion plans in mind for 2010 and beyond. Green Apple is going to play a major role in this project & we hope to grow our barter relationships even further.