Our Testimonials


Kevin Joyce, Proprietor of The Carlton Restaurant

“The Green Apple credit is a fantastic way to minimize costs I was formerly spending cash on.” How long has the Carlton Restaurant been accepting the Green Apple card? Since 1995 Over the years, how many new business owners has Green Apple sent into your restaurant? Green Apple has literally sent hundreds upon hundreds of new customers to the Carlton[...]Read More


Ken Shriber, Principal of Ditto Document Solutions

“Originally I got involved in Green Apple to satisfy a payment owed to me from a client. Now I utilize Green Apple dollars to offset major business expenses!” How did Ditto Document originally become a participant in the Green Apple network? We had a client who owed us payment for services we provided. They paid us in Green Apple trade[...]Read More


Gary Friedman, Trust Franklin Press Co.

“Trust Franklin Press has been in business for over 100 years, one of the best marketing things we ever did was join the Green Apple Network.” “Green Apple has put Trust Franklin Press in direct contact with several local companies we were previously not conducting business with. In addition to the large amount of new business generated by this relationship,[...]Read More