Our Story

Green Apple will bring you new business and help you offset expenses

Headquartered in Pittsburgh since 1991, Green Apple Barter is a straight commission sales & marketing force that brings new business to your company. If you have excess inventory, idle production time or the capacity to handle more business, a partnership with one the nation’s strongest barter networks is long overdue.

By selling surplus inventory and/or billable hours of service, clients gain market share and acquire an asset to make purchases from other Green Apple participants. Rather than calling a liquidator to receive only pennies on the dollar, selling to a Green Apple participant nets distributors and manufacturers a greater price.

Green Apple manages over 55 million dollars in transactions on a yearly basis with nearly 3,000 local companies who participate. National access to products and services are also available based upon our partnership with the UC (Universal Currency) and IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association).

Discover the benefits today by scheduling an appointment with a Green Apple Trade Broker 412-821-2900.